Here at Kickstart Academy we look to create excitement and a buzz around our young people when looking at their future career paths.  Our aim is to help them outline and execute a plan early in their time with us to ensure they have the opportunity to gain all of the qualifications needed as well as providing access to all the necessary guidance and information needed to achieve their goals.  We also place a high level of importance on gaining work experience and look to increase the engagement of our young people’s support team outside of school in order to create a positive environment for them to grow.

At Kickstart Academy we value the importance of a thorough careers programme. We work closely with the local authority services to ensure that we provide the best opportunity for our young people to experience work and develop the skills in which to further themselves in the future with further study and employment. As a school we work towards the Gatsby Benchmarks and the appropriate level of careers programme that is applicable for our young people. If you require any further information about the careers programme please contact Jason Parry the Careers Leader on