Visit and inspirational talk from Hezron Brown

Hezron Brown has overcome an early life of gang-related crime, to now becoming a Pride of Britain winner – and it all changed when a court judge made a decision that altered Hezron’s path.

Hezron fell into a bath of boiling hot water when he was just five years old and was left with severe burns on parts of his body. He was bullied at school and says he grew up feeling angry, turning to violence as a coping mechanism. He fell into gang-related crime and ended up in court.

He was facing a jail sentence, when a judge asked him how he had ended up there – and she made the decision not to jail him. It proved to be a life-changing point in Hezron’s life.

He went back to education, got a job in local theatre through The Prince’s Trust, impressing many with his work ethic. He then became an ambassador for the charity, and now works to help steer thousands of young people away from gangs and violence, through regular academic talk visits.

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